the Glasgow School of Yarn

P1050867 P1050866Yesterday I went with two other Granny Greeners to The Glasgow School of Yarn a yarn festival organised by The Yarn Cake. It was so nice to do the journey over with L & H. Both of which whipped out projects to while way the time on the train. It was PEEING down when we arrived so threw caution to the wind and blew £6 on a taxi out to St George’s Cross and the Macintosh Church were the event was held. What a lovely location! There were also classes on but they were all knitting ones and seemed a bit advanced (Design your own shawl) so didn’t sign up to any of them. However there were free carding demos. Lots of lovely chatting. Loved hearing about one lady’s flock of 35 sheep in Wales. The tempoary cafe served up yummy stews, and cakes. And when we had run out of oomph we settled into the Mackintosh pews and did a little light crafting. Of course I was green with envy with some of the handknits being modelled. My excuse is that most of my crafting goes towards the oprhans and I do almost nothing for myself. I did however order a sushi roll for making a shawl – so will have to bend my mind towards patterns. Something to keep me going in the dark days to come.

P1050868Granny Seat… I’m going to borrow this some time

P1050869Prize winning knitted Tunnocks Teacake Tea Cozy (now that’s a tongue twister – try saying that quickly).

P1050872P1050870P1050871 P1050873

  1. Sarah Gillam said:

    Sounds a good day! And what a lovely church…

    • Really quite beautiful – I don’t think my crappy camera really captured the detailing. Worth a visit if you are in Glasgow though!

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