Colour! Colour! Colour! for Lottie

So went to meet @geehowquaint and @starrybluesky at the I heart Cafe on Leith walk a week or two back. The plan was to meet before Cassandra had her baby and life became .. well busy. Got home for work and as you do decided to spend the spare hour and a half sewing up some spare squares into a baby blanket. Diligently sewed away got to cafe to find @starrybluesky had been emailing and texting me during my frenzied crafting to say the Cassandra had gone to hospital… Finally I tidied it up and posted it off for baby Lottie. It is approx 32 x 32 inches and made of a wool / acrylic mix Mirage which I got from MacAree Bros and Patons ¬†Diploma Gold for the gray border (from John Lewis). The colours are really bright but I don’t hold with mimsy pastels for babies hell to keep clean and dull dull dull. In Scotland we need colour. It should be prescribed on the NHS>


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