good v bad yarn bombing ? discuss

P1050615 P1050627

Top outside McAree Bros on Howe St Edinburgh v Portobello promenade. The top one to my mind elicits a sense of delight in that someone has taken time and skill to decorate something already there. It was knitted and used cabling and patterning. The colours were also chosen carefully to make a ‘run’. As for the Portobello one that to my mind is just a bunch of yarn wound around that sign and a couple of  pom poms added. It’s frankly a mess, little thought, little beauty and didn’t make me think or give me a lift when I saw it. Apart from a desire to use the scissors in my bag to cut it down (but I didn’t).

What do you think?

  1. Helena said:

    Inclined to agree with you – although the charitable part of me does think that at least they’re trying…

  2. The very clever thing about the Howe Street one was that at the time, there was an exhibition on at the RSA for which the front pillars of the RSA had been wrapped in rainbow colours, just like in the knitted version. I think it was the ‘New Contemporaries’ exhibition in about April 2013 -?

    For the 50th anniversary of Dr Who there was a wonderful yarn-bomb – a Dr Who scarf wrapped round the police box at Canonmills.

    I agree that these things are wonderful if there is an idea, and doubly wonderful if the execution is good. The Portobello one fails on both fronts unfortunately, but there are worse forms of littering!

    • Yes! I’d forgotten about the pillars being wrapped – and I took a photo at the time. A lovely yarny nod towards the RSA!

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