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.. as a postcard that is. Hurry to WordPower Books on West Nicholson St and get one of two designs being sold there. Perfect ‘Wish you were here’ card for the festival. I’m giving away 10 sets of cards to the first 10 people who sign up to my newsletter. Sign up here.

P1050615 P1050627

Top outside McAree Bros on Howe St Edinburgh v Portobello promenade. The top one to my mind elicits a sense of delight in that someone has taken time and skill to¬†decorate something already there. It was knitted and used cabling and patterning. The colours were also chosen carefully to make a ‘run’. As for the Portobello one that to my mind is just a bunch of yarn wound around that sign and a couple of¬† pom poms added. It’s frankly a mess, little thought, little beauty and didn’t make me think or give me a lift when I saw it. Apart from a desire to use the scissors in my bag to cut it down (but I didn’t).

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