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I made a detour to see it last week.  I try to get there for blossom time as there is a tiny patch of green opposite it with flowering trees. They were a bit over by the time I arrived.


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About a year ago I heard about a secret Leith Beach…. since then I have had a yen to find it. Last week with my fellow anonymous urbexing companion we went in search at a very low tide. We did indeed find a beach hidden in Forth Ports frankly grungy enviromental disaster area. However the description of the one I got from my ‘sources’ I think may be another further in. Another sortie on a low tide is needed. We found cement just dumped on the foreshore, unregulated dumping, it was pretty ghastly. Please note the ducks huddling on the piles of coal and the pole on the picture above is of a camera which followed us.

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On Friday I poppled down Broughton St to see someone who had started a new job. Saw a big weding party at the top of the street. Then the entire party decamped down the street lead by the bride and groom – it was a lovely sight to see all the kilts and dresses. They were so lucky with the weather.

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Last year I bought two packs of tulips one lot crazy fuzzy edged pink ones and these GLORIOUS red parrots. The fatblackcats has a habit of nibbling at tulip stems (Don’t ask can’t see the attraction myself) so I brought in 3 blooms and put them in a glass in my kitchen and for days I was cheered by them. Probably one of my best buys last year.