Monthly Archives: April 2013


After the rather gray pics recently I thought it might be nice to see a blanket I completed last weekend. I got donated a large bedspread mostly dark blue which was hurrah! made of 8 inch crochet squares. So unravelling it and mixing it up with my luried grannies was a relatively quick job. I’m washing it and then it will be posted to Knit-a-Square in southern Africa to arrive for their winter and warm an orphan.








Today I went out with Edinburgh Lo-Fi as part of World Pinhole Day. Elaine of the group had made several film canister pinholes and others brought modified cameras. We fortified ourselves with coffee and then marched up Calton Hill. This was an homage to Hill and Adamson having their studio in Rock House. The hill has spectacular views but was crawling with hippies preparing for Beltane and a very odd group of people marching while waving sticks about in formation. At one point we were drenched by rain and later hail…





This is fresh over night or even this morning – I was dashing so quickly to the farmers market just after 9am I may have missed it. Any ideas what the signficance of 43 or ULTRA is? I’ve not seen this tag before.


Just a wee reminder that if you would like to learn how to crochet granny squares – Granny Greens craft group is having a drop in session 6-8pm on monday at the Red Squirrel Bar on Lothian Road. You can’t miss us we’re the ones waving hooks and yarn. If you have a crochet hook bring it but there should be some spare yarn to practice on.

Also on Sat is the opening of Carola Gordons exhibtion Antiques and Allotments at the Open Eye Gallery Dundas St/ Abercromby Place corner.