want to learn to crochet?


I happen to think that crochet does make you live happilly…

I’m taking the promt from the post by Chris Guillebeau’s social experiement in seeing what would happen if people offered something for free. So if anyone wants to learn crochet in Edinburgh on Sat 23rd I’ll be in Lovecrumbs at 1pm and I can teach you how to crochet a Grannie Square. Learning to crochet a grannie square is like reaching crochet nirvana. If you are not able to make sat drop into Grannie Greens 6-8pm next monday in the Red Squirrel on Lothian Road. I’ll be there and a crochet tutorial can be arranged.

Let me know if you are coming leave a comment or email me fatblackcatindustries AT gmail dot com so I can bring enough yarn.

  1. Ah, whenever I see crocheted blackets on your blog, I always wish I could learn how to make them (or at least a square). I’m not on the right side of the water at the moment, but perhaps we can arrange a lesson when I’m next over. There’s a cup of tea & some cake in it for you!

    • Julie once you have the knack its so quick and portable (much easier than carting around knitting needles). If you are back in Scotland get in touch and I can arrange a lesson!

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