drawing your life!

P1040985 P1040984 Earlier this evening I searched my old email address to see if the pictures I drew in Sydney about 5 years ago and uploaded to my blog were accessible. They were not! I used to draw a lot. Inspired by Michael Nobbs and Dan Price to draw my life. In my long visits to Sydney I sat in a lot of cafes and drew my cappuccino in a wobbly hand. The brilliant thing about doing that is of course you really are part of the moment. Drawing seems to me to akin to meditation. In the process of drawing and looking you really see and live in the moment. And some time I'll find those old journals and will remember the texture of those days so perfectly with my drawings. Anyway I quickly drew these two drawings on blank cards instead. It took me possibly 5 mins with and extra minute to find the felt tips for colouring in. If you buy Michael's book before the 28th of March you get a free months membership to his website Sustainably Creative. I got an acknowledgement in the book! for postal services... If you would like some mail from me sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar to the right - all newsletter subscribers get a real mail postcard.

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  1. I totally agree about drawing being like meditation. You really have to be present and in doing that your mind has a real opportunity to just free wheel, which can be really beneficial (more so than I think we might realise until we do it).

    I’m really pleased to hear you’re drawing again. I’m just starting to as well, after doing very little drawing or painting for about 16 years!! It feels good to be exercising that muscle again :). I’ve been working through Danny Gregory’s ‘Creative License’ but am also awaiting delivery of Michael’s book too for added inspiration.

    Look forward to seeing more as you keep going with this :).

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