Analogue Friday: Sisters are doing for themselves


As part of One Billion Rising I was up late on Thursday night crocheting. I then spent the morning crocheting up the lettering and sewing it on. Telemarketers getting short shrift ‘No I’m WORKING’. I then hotfooted it up to the Scottish Parliament ( and as what happens on these occasions meet someone I hadn’t seen for about a year and did one of those 10 mins updates, you got made redundant? Restructuring? son broke foot? shlepping to hospital etc etc why do you always meet someone who you should spend time time when running late for something else?) Arrived late at demo pranced about on concrete podium for 20 mins. Loads of photos were taken of me none which have appeared in the digital sphere. I pounced on someone and made them take the above pic with my camera.

Meanwhile I’m making bagels from Claudia Roden’s recipe

I also went to the post office and got new stamps with pictures! If anyone is missing real mail I will send a postie to anyone who signs up for my newsletter (see sidebar) or click HERE. I only send out newsletters irregularly about my etsy shop and other up coming events. You can always leave newsletter – no hard feelings!


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