missing the farmers market




Pictures from my trip last week – I’m at home trying to shake off the dreaded lurgy. I’m hoping a quiet weekend will nail this foul pestilence. I have a great fondness for poodles a family friend when I grew up had two. Very intelligent dogs orginally used by hunting and Prince Rupert the nephew of King Charles would go to battle with his called Boye (who knew tricks and enjoyed Mass?!)

  1. It was the picture of the castle which caught my eye……I recognise that…..thought I through my flu ridden brain. Like you I’m resting up hoping to improve soon….oh and I’m in Edinburgh too 🙂

    • flu… you puir wee thing… I’ve ONLY had a cold and thats been bad enough. I’m afraid I went to tescos this afternoon only 6 mins walk from my flat not a bus ride like the market and stocked up and now hope to stay in until monday eve.

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