blue eggs: Analogue Friday


I was in the supermarket a few days ago browsing the egg selection (I get most of my eggs from Edinburgh Farmers Market but was running low). I spied a box which promised Blue Eggs from Posh Hens. I opened it up and yes they were blue! Why not have blue eggs for a change? Sounds like the start of a Dr Seuss story… Blue Eggs & Bacon. I made two Chocolate Almond Cakes with the eggs (recipe here. They looked lovely but I didn’t actually try them – one was sent to a family friend who is lain low with a cold in the country and the other to another friend in Wales. Sent first class lets hope that they arrive today.

Other news my first faux boyfriend has got a single out! I’m trying now to work out how to buy it … I dinnae do iTunes. Can I get it on Pianola Roll?

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