s l o w


Picture by Alberto Morocco

I’ve gone outside the house today to get essential milk for coffee and vegtables for the dinner I’m making tonight. But this morning was spent in bed crocheting with the fat black cat for company. Taking phone calls from a friend walking her dog far away, another from a friend who had been sketching at the British Museum. And I began to stir in my mind and berate myself for not doing ‘more’ (though I did put way a load of washing up which has been drying on the racks). Again I’m struck by the roaring of the voice that says we must DO DO DO and anything else is not valuable. Like resting. I want to live slow but deeper.

I want to stop multitasking apart from listening to radio and crafting. But listening to radio, having a conversation with friend and checking email is out!

I want to understand that actually a day going to the farmers market, meeting two friends in separate places for coffee, going to to the chinese supermarket, and a charity shop for wool is actually quite a busy day.

I want to write more (see above) and visit more. More natter less netter.


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