dreaming plans


lomo double exposure

I sat down this morning to think about this new year. I find negative resolutions a bit hard to sustain. So this year I’m planning some positive ones. Only play on weekends! More travel! One friend planned to try a new cuisine each month for a year, another to go and attend more inperson events and get off social media. Both reported the year much improved.

So I sat down with a calculator and worked out that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to do more travel and perhaps even start that savings plan. However I’m sure savings without fun planned in would not work. The two will have to run in tandem.

I’m also mulling over my Word of the Year – I got this from Christine Kane some years ago. Its a more interesting way to prompt yourself into acting differently or reacting differently.

Christine also has a free downloadable Word of the Year Discovery Tool

PS one of the things I want to do more of is write real mail. If you sign up to my newsletter here I’ll send you a postcard and check out Postal Joy 2013! where I’m offering a real mail service for January.

  1. Nice photo and cool entry. Love the postcard ideas – I miss handwriting to other people.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Bill postcard writing is perfect! the thought of a letter is daunting but a postcard can be written in 5 mins. I sometimes write more than one to the same person, numbering them, if I have extra news to fit on. But people love a bit of real mail!

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