Christmas Miracle with Rory the library assistant


On Christmas Eve I decided that I had to be able to borrow library books over the Christmas period. Three days when I would be sequestered at home unable to get hold of books seemed to be unsupportable. Book supplies needed to be had in abundance. Now I’ve been shut out of the library for about 6 months now due to a VAST library fine. I moved bedrooms back in the Spring and in the move mislaid two library books for several months. So I decided to use some money to pay it off. I thought I could perhaps negotiate with the library if I paid off some of it and owned the rest later. Anyway I expected to hand over somewhere in the order of £40-£50 in fines. Things didn’t go well firstly I didn’t have my library card with me when I went into the library. But one of the assistants said I could get books out if I could prove who I was. I picked out two fiction books and a book by Kaffe Fassett on patchwork and stepped up gingerly to the desk. I handed over my bank card and they called up the details on the system. Rory (for that was the name on the badge he had) swiped the three books and handed them over. ‘Isn’t there a fine?’ I asked. ‘Oh your account seems to have been suspended and the fines wiped off the system’ said Rory.

I skipped out feeling I’d been a) let back in the world of books and b) given an unexpected Christmas present!

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  1. I find Library Elf is wonderful for avoiding library fines, I get an e-mail reminder two days before my books are due. (Google it!) For books that have been genuinely mislaid/lost, I believe that if we let the library know the book is missing, they freeze the fines so that they don’t keep accumulating. Of course eventually if the book isn’t found, you have to pay the replacement cost of the book.
    Anyway, that must have been just about the best Christmas present ever!

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