hibernation, work and sleep





Pictures of new cafe in Edinburgh Lovecrumbs

Dear Readers

I would like to hibernate. I’m waking up in the dark dragging myself out to work in the dim light for ONLY 4 HOURS and I can barely make it. I staggered out this afternoon, forced myself to the post office to post out parcels. Came home and have barely managed to open a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer, make dinner and flit about the internets. I think I’d like to take 2-3 months off every year – starting mid Nov to end of February. I’d do a lot of craft, read library books, perhaps even study, but otherwise live SLOW. No rush no deadlines. I can remember reading online or in a book how medieval peasants dozed away the winter months in the dark, worked fewer hours than we did and did an interesting two stage sleep system.

Medival work hours

Medival Sleep

  1. i think we all need a bit of snoozing, soaking, and sleeping…just taking in all we have or have not accomplished, relishing in the fact were able to do what we are, and ginger beer always helps.

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