remaking the world by hand

The blanket on the left is crocheted grannie square blanket I made for knit-a-square a charity which is trying to get blankets and clothing to AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa. It hasn’t quite made it into a parcel yet! The one on the right is a blanket I knitted some years ago for myself. It was a way of providing self comfort during a terrible dark period of depression for me while I was ill with ME/CFS. I found that playing with the colours very soothing. I was able to still my mind into thinking about ‘getting to the end of the row’ and chosing another shade and it gave some relief in a ghastly period. I was inspired by a photo I saw on Kaffe Fassett’s blog of a stripey throw. Sadly while I was under the weather I threw it into the machine at too high a temperature and being wool it felted!

November is also Wovember a campaign to promote the use of wool. Its more environmentally friendly. recyclable and generally feels a lot lovelier to handle than acrylic when crocheting or knitting.


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