Phillips Town – Eindhoven

Statue of Mr Phillips, a light bulb worker, and interiors of the saved factories.

Eindhoven was dominated by Phillips and the company even built housing and schools to attract skilled worked especially glass blowers from the low countries. However in the last twenty (?) years it closed all its Eindhoven factories. The most interesting buildings were kept and turned into artists studios, work spaces, lofts. Many of the spaces were used for exhibtions during Dutch Design Week and I became fascinated by them even more than I’m afraid the exhbits!

  1. I saw Mr Philips but I didn’t see that lovely statue of the light bulb maker. And I agree – the buildings mostly made a bigger impression on me than the contents.

  2. I think Lightbulb maiden was infront of the cafe which provided the lightbulb shaped biscuits!

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