the charming cats of Eindhoven

The first afternoon I arrived I was so shattered from the 4.30am departure to get to check in at the airport I had to lie down and have a snooze. An hour or two later I looked out of my window saw a rather intriguing building and ventured out. Eindhoven Tourist Board probably cycles around the city with friendly cats which they release at appropriate spots. Because as I turned the corner from my hotel I met this very charming one eyed marmalade cat who immediately came over and rolled on the ground. I have to say I was sold on Eindhoven from that point onward! I then sauntered down the road observing all the bicycles parked outside flats. I then took a picture of the berries on a bush growing in the street – intrigued by the amazing purple colour. I wandered off and could hear someone taking behind me. It was the owner of the bush thanking me for taking a photograph of his bush! We had a lovely conversation about gardening and why the berries were so bright.

  1. Those berries are astonishingly bright ! What was his explanation for the colour ?

  2. Oh to attract birds to eat the berries and thereby spread the seeds which makes evolutionary sense!

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