Monthly Archives: November 2012

As we we walked around Grenoble three weeks ago there were posters up in shops a make shift stall outside the covered market all with the Beaujolais Nouveau. A big thing. How nice to have seasons when something arrives, its new and fresh and once a year.

Another thing about Grenoble I liked is the city had maples and ginkos growing in open spaces. No snobbery about ‘native’ plants. Our own dear Edinburgh Council ripping out beautiful fluffy flowering pink cherry blossom and foisting on us the rowan whether we like it or not..

I’m feeling a bit treacly as in ‘wading though’. Under the weather, house a mess but nearly finished a crafty project I was working on in Grenoble. The pic is of an ice cream bought at a shop in the centre of Grenoble. My friend L took me there promising me the best ice cream. I was tickled pink when it was handed over a passion fruit and coconut ice cream ‘rose’. It also tasted delicious. I’m posting it as a reminder to take pleasure in small things.

The blanket on the left is crocheted grannie square blanket I made for knit-a-square a charity which is trying to get blankets and clothing to AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa. It hasn’t quite made it into a parcel yet! The one on the right is a blanket I knitted some years ago for myself. It was a way of providing self comfort during a terrible dark period of depression for me while I was ill with ME/CFS. I found that playing with the colours very soothing. I was able to still my mind into thinking about ‘getting to the end of the row’ and chosing another shade and it gave some relief in a ghastly period. I was inspired by a photo I saw on Kaffe Fassett’s blog of a stripey throw. Sadly while I was under the weather I threw it into the machine at too high a temperature and being wool it felted!

November is also Wovember a campaign to promote the use of wool. Its more environmentally friendly. recyclable and generally feels a lot lovelier to handle than acrylic when crocheting or knitting.