Away to Glasgow for the Afternoon

This extraordinary ceramic greets you as you enter the ladies loos at Queen St Station Glasgow. It is sort of uber1970’s – almost 1970’s parody but it is the genuine article.

I went to Glasgow for the afternoon. It was originally on the hunt for a top I saw in Regent St London. I failed to turn up another in the city famed for shopping. But I had a wander around the Trongate area instead.

Stunned to find the place dryish. I was convinced as I left Edinburgh at 2pm with the darkening skies it would be a west coast deludge.

It turned into an ‘Artist Date’. I used to teach creativity workshops – until I got tired of listening to my own voice and tired of patiently reiterating the rules of being a creative person – it just boils down to Do It (Repeat). I stopped and in that slow way realisation steals up on you – I realised that what I wanted was to DO IT and not talk to others about Doing It.

Anyway for free – the Artist Date is the best kind of compost for the creative person. Its a section of time weekly set aside for the artist to do something fun and interesting to them. The best kind IMHO are the ones which are not overly perscriptive and have a looseness about them a spaciousness for serendipity and synchronicity.

After my fashion failure I ambled, I popped into a gallery, wandered a few streets (photos to follow in later posts) and I bought a magazine on ‘Hidden Creativity’. I bought a cheap squared jotter. I sat in an overpriced restaurant and sketched out a few creative ideas. In all despite feeling a bit foot sore my creative side has been given a bit of a fillip.


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