Ard Bia – oh to be having coffee there!

Appaulingly dreich day here – rain chucking it down. Sodden washing now on my radiators. I’d love to be siting in Ard Bia – with a cup of coffee and a brownie – flicking my way through a magazine and writing postcards home.

  1. That coffee looks wonderful. I had some this morning, but it didn’t look as delightful as that cup of coffee does.

      • oooohhhh how could I forget the brownie?? haha
        I have a question, is that cinnamon at the top of your coffee?

      • wolfy said:

        haha my mistake.

    • Oh it is – I’d recommend making a beeline to the Spanish Arch where it is located if you are ever in Galway – its just opposite the museum which is handy and you can often see swans from the window in the harbour!

  2. Lovely photos. It’s very dreich here today. I’d love to be sitting in a café like that right now, instead of going out to work!

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