walking to Portobello

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Don’t burn down a bridge you haven’t finished building yet. OK, Virgo? Don’t try to “steal” things that already belong to you, either. And resist the urge to flee from creatures that are not even pursuing you. Catch my drift? Stop yourself anytime you’re about to say nasty things about yourself behind your own back, and avoid criticizing people for expressing flaws that you yourself have, and don’t go to extraordinary lengths to impress people you don’t even like or respect. Pretty please? This is a phase of your astrological cycle when you should put an emphasis on keeping things simple and solid and stable.

Went for a walk late afternoon with a friend. We walked along Seafield Sewage plant then down to the beach. Accompanied by a dog who is ‘holidaying’ with my friend. Ziggy bless him seemd to enjoy bounding up and down the sand very much – sniffing the bottoms of other dogs and finding sticks for us to throw.

My camera battery charger is currently hiding somwhere in the house so these pics are from earlier in the year. Lots of rose hips out and a few brambles.

  1. Kay said:

    Don’t burn down the old bridge when you’ve finished building the new, either. In my email today, this wee story:

    “Burns wrote about a dialogue between two bridges when the construction of a new bridge began over the Ayr in Scotland in 1786. The Auld Brig retorts to the above mocking by New Brig that one shouldn’t get carried away in vanity and pride:
    “I’ll be a brig when ye’re a shapeless cairn!”
    The poet’s words proved prophetic when in the 1877 flood the New Brig collapsed into a heap of stones while the Auld Brig still stands.”

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