Howling winds, illegal photographs and crafting

Last weekend I met two friends at the Old Infirmary St Baths where the Edinburgh Tapestry Company has its headquarters. We had coffee in the cafe – lovely gluten free cakes and then went on to see the exhibition celebrating their centenary. Started in 1912 by the duke of something who had an urgent need for tapestries for his country pile… since then they have branched out and do a lot of tapestries from designs by artists. If you go to the British Library the huge tapestry in the entrance from a picture by Kitaj was woven by the Edinburgh Tapestry Company. But what got me drooling? Looking over the working area and seeing the shelves and shelves of cones of yarn. OH the colours! I took two photographs before I was admonished for taking pictures. Sigh but not interested in taking photos of the tapestries (to be honest I’m not sure a photo could do justice to the riches of the experience of them ) but cones of colour lined up in colour families oh my !

Last night as I went to my craft group the wind started howling and the rain beat down. Today I emerged from the house with branches strewn all over the park and leaves huddling along the gutters. I’m going back to crocheting after a housework break.

I’d recommend Anna Karenina the new version out now purely in terms of how much pleasure seeing the costumes would give anyone interested in textiles.

  1. I did warn you to bring smelling salts in case of colour overwhelm !

    • yes 🙂 Oh I now am YEARNING FOR clear plastic boxes filled by colour on display – the covetousness cannot be overestimated. I never thought I’d crave colour this way. Perhaps this is what the Scottish Colourists felt?

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