The Aran Islands

As you approach the islands there is a huge sign attached to the Arran Sweater Shop ‘Aran Islands the home of the Aran Sweater’. On my return I picked up a book by Alice Starmore who has done research on the Aran paterns – she thinks that its a relatively late traditon early 20th C and the patterns originally came from Scotland! Finally while my friend B and I went on a very brisk trip around the island on pony trap with Padraig and Ronny the pony. Padraig told us there are no sheep on the island so no local wool production!

  1. Kay said:

    Lovely tranquil images again

  2. Gwen said:

    I’ve never been to the Aran Islands, but your lovely pictures definitely make me want to go there, … even under bad weather! (BTW are there any sunny places in the UK or the north of France at the moment..?)

    • Hi Gwen! the problem is that one day will be lovely – I’ve got a spectacular case of sunburn from Falkirk on Sat when I was walking about for 3 hours for a photoproject. This afternoon was lovely and then DELUGE this evening. The far far north of Scotland like the islands seem to be having better weather than us!

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