Irish Postcard Jig


Galway Bay Image from Here

I’m currently organising a trip to Galway. Delightfully, from going with my one film producer friend (she’s going to the Galway Film Fleadh)  its snowballed and three of us will be meeting at Huston Station in Dublin next Wednesday. I’m doing my trip entirely by rail and boat. It’s called ‘Sail & Rail’ and more info can be found at Seat 61. After Galway we’ll travel to the Aran Islands. Looking at a website for a hostel I was tickled pink to read this description of how to find it.

1. walk off the boat

2. walk around the small bay and turn up at the American Bar

3. Follow the road past the Lucky Star Bar

4. We are just around the corner from the Statue of the Virgin Mary.


If you want to know if we do find it, sign up for the Irish Postcard Jig. I’ll send you a postcard to let you know if we do make it past the Lucky Star Bar!

Irish Postcard Jig is a way to share my love of travel, mail AND photography with you. I’ll send you three cards while I’m in Ireland and a set of  8 postcards made out of images taken in Galway on my holga on my return.


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