Last week we had an afternoon – without rain!!

I called up my friend S and suggested a walk later that afternoon. Of course as the afternoon wore on the clouds gathered and looked like they were about to start another deluge. However S was not daunted and persuaded me to go anyway.

Our favoured route is across Leith Links past Mother Aitkens pub (the old railway line is still being ‘improved’) then to cross near MacDonalds and then walk along the railway line path which hugs Seafield Sewage Plant. Yes we really know how to have a great time! These photos were taken along the railway line path. See unexpected beauty everywhere. In the autumn I’ve picked brambles, wild apples  and rosehips.

Coming past the plant the beach appears, very steep to get down to, easy to get cut off, so we debate the height of the tide and whether its coming in or out before we walk/scramble down. Then it’s a good 30 mins walk to the populated part of Portobello Promenade. Usually there is nothing but sand, rocks, the view to Fife, a good wind to take out the cobwebs and a free way to get a better perspective on life.


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