Farmers Market

I started going to the Farmers Market in Edinburgh about a year ago. I’d been put off for ages as it used to be the 1st & 3rd Sat of the month – which I’m incapable of remembering but now it simple. I zip around in about half an hour going to the stalls to pick up the essentials. I often meet friends at the market for a coffee and chat (though since the weather has been so terrible this year we tend to shop and retire to nearby coffee shop.) I feel really GOOD about shopping there. Everything I’ve read about our food system points towards local food being better for the environment and for ourselves. I hate having to shop in supermarkets as well but at least I know its less than it was.

Here is a link to Farmers Markets in Scotland

Great article on the Fife Diet or eating locally.

  1. I visit this market whenever I am in Edinburgh and love the view of the castle.

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