Analogue Friday: AKA The 100 Postcard Project


Confession I’m a digital freak this is my 6th YES 6TH blog. I know I spend way too much time online. I’ve also got wonderful expereinces and friendships from the digital world but I also like living in the Analogue. I take hundreds of film photographs, I write by hand to my grandmother, I like making food by hand, and I craft like its going out of fashion. You can barely make it into my bedroom for crocheted squares. On my other blog (more about that anon)  I started something I called The 100 Postcard Project. This was due to getting 100 postcards printed I thought for the holiday season but my erhem … eccentric printers only got them to me in March. I’ve sent off 25 to strangers but I’d love to send out the rest. So today is your day to get … AN ANALOGUE BLOGPOST VIA MAIL.

Imagine me sitting at a rather cool cafe like the one above and writing to you from Edinburgh, Scotland over the weekend. Just leave your contact details in the comments or if you are shy email me on fatblackcatindustires AT I’ll get writing.

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  1. Did I ever say thank you for the handwritten postcard you sent? Thank you! Co-inside-dance-ly it arrived the morning I’d thought in the shower – ‘I wonder what ever happened to that postcard?’ Best wishes with your new blog and endeavours… Caireen

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