painting by Anne Redpath

I’m having a day of sorting stuff out. An extended trip away plus diving straight into work when I got back the place is a mess. I’m using the timer method I learned from Flylady. ( The most astonishingly ugly site ever). I learned from her to use a kitchen timer 15 mins of intense activity via the timer x 3 then a 15 min rest repeat until run out of time or things to do.

  1. hi, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting about the list of Sennelier colors, great aren’t they!

    Anne Redpath was a contemporary, if I’m not mistaken of Elizabeth Blackadder, whose work has recently inspired me to take up my oil painting again more seriously. You might enjoy her paintings if you don’t already know of her, but I assume being Scottish, you do.

    By the way, it would be nice to read a bit about you on your About page, rather than the WordPress text that is there now.

    • Hi Sarah – blog is in progress the About section is on my radar but I’m trying to build up a steam of posts before I go properly ‘public’ as I hate looking at a bare blog as a reader. I think because I commented on your blog and its a wordpress site as well it pinged back to me automatically but I’m Mary G of Edinburgh! Blackadder is much younger than Anne Redpath who died in the 60’s I think but Blackadder is still going strong I’d think of EB being more of an artistic ‘daughter’ than contempoary. Reminds me must blog about her cats…

  2. ooops forgot, Try HabitHacker, the intelligent person’s FlyLady. (Sorry Flylady, but HabitHacker speaks to me more). Anyway, Jean is great, full of sharp wit, and her program is well paced, leaves you alot of room to fit it to your own needs. I’m in the middle of ‘Nest’90 days and it works. My decluttering is coming on well.

    • Sarah I’ll have a look at that. My housework goes to pot due to lack of habits, a complete disinterest and if i’m tired its the first thing I drop apart from the minium… keeping the washing up.

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