slow travel

Holga – Rapefield from train

I’m aware that I’ve put my strap line as ‘living local analogue and sustainable’ (I might have to revisit that later) but I love travel. Its a bit problematic that because travel is not exactly environmentaly friendly unless I want to take up sailing a tea clipper. But there are things that can make a difference. One is Slow Travel = less Carbon. Though ironically slow is not always slow. For example Edinburgh to London by train is 4 and a half hours. Edinburgh to London by air is 1 or so hours. But you have to schlep out of the city to get to Edinburgh Airport – minimum of an hour plus another hour to check in / traverse security, another 30 mins to decamp from plane, at least an hour or more to get to central London. The plane can be easily as long and a series of irritating interruptions. By contrast once on the train an easy 30 mins trip from my flat, no check in no security, I can just sit and while away the hours crocheting or looking out of the window. I’ve seen amazing things from the window. Deer in fields, a full blown fox hunt, a fire, blazing yellow rapeseed fields, the clouds scudding by. At the other end I just hop out and normally walk to the nearest bus stop to Kings Cross and get a bus to my friend’s flat in Parliament Hill. All in all its a much more pleasant expereience. Plus you don’t get that weird feeling of suddenly decamping into another place without processed the journey.

I’ve got a friend who has to go to Frankfurt so I was extolling the virtures of Seat61 – this is a fabulous website with reams and reams of information about travelling by train. If you have ever wondered how to get somwhere without taking a train wonder no more! Last year I used it to plan a journey from Edinburgh to Galway in Ireland entirely by train and boat (Its called Sail & Rail). It cost LESS than flying and I had an adventure to remember.


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