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I started going to the Farmers Market in Edinburgh about a year ago. I’d been put off for ages as it used to be the 1st & 3rd Sat of the month – which I’m incapable of remembering but now it simple. I zip around in about half an hour going to the stalls to pick up the essentials. I often meet friends at the market for a coffee and chat (though since the weather has been so terrible this year we tend to shop and retire to nearby coffee shop.) I feel really GOOD about shopping there. Everything I’ve read about our food system points towards local food being better for the environment and for ourselves. I hate having to shop in supermarkets as well but at least I know its less than it was.

Here is a link to Farmers Markets in Scotland

Great article on the Fife Diet or eating locally.

Today I have to write a card of condolence. A family friend’s husband got diagnosed with cancer a month ago. And it all came quickly. Extra sadness as our friend only found this lovely man late in life. He was a ghillie on the Tweed. Good and kind.

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I started visiting Dunbar this year regularly as alongside three other photographers we’ve been placing Solargraphs around the town. The first batch are back, printed and displayed at the Bleaching Centre until July 10th. We’ve got a site here for the TimePlaceLight project.

This Solargraph spent 6 months on Lesley May Millar’s window looking towards the sea.

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