Meeting tomorrow 1-4pm South Leith Parish Hall, 6 Henderson St (just behind Junction St, turn down Henderson Gardens) tickets via Eventbrite.  With the Stead Place ‘development’ ie demoliton being fought tooth and nail the soul of Leith seems to be in peril.DSC_0587 (1)



Driven distracted by my life… endless cleaning and cat looking after and no work I decided to dye up a 100g ball of sock yarn |I had in hand. I used this packet of sweeties from Candersons a traditional sweet shop in Leith as my colour inspiration.  I did it without a warping board so the yarn was draped around my garden to get the right length. It was a really long repeat about 12 metres. Then I dyed it on my table. I’m pretty sure my maths was out on Sunday evening (tiredness) so the yarn is with a crafter from my craft group who is a demon sock knitter so hoping to see how it knits up soon.