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Nicholson Square by Anne Redpath – Note Kaytee Horsman ceramic cat in window.

Was slightly hungover when I woke up this morning – an unusual concurrence. I made the mistake of checking out social meja this morning  – it really has soured my mood! Will try and cut down again. I’m supposed to be houseworking today hence a reluctance to move. However its lovely and sunny surely walking to Tescos carpark to do the recycling will be a pleasure today?




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I’ve had a terrible week having over done it last weekend. I keep on doing this and then thinking how dim I was. Last weekend started with the enormous Christian Aid Booksale on George Street. I was hoping to pick up some Eric Ambler books but failed. I got plenty of others so will not suffer. Earlier this year on a trip south I dashed into  WH Smiths at the station and grabbed a reprint of Epitaph for a Spy and was gripped. I’ve been slowly picking them up in charity shops and online. Anyway as I moped around yesterday I was enormously cheered to find that Epitaph for a Spy was being serialised on the radio. – use the link to listen on iplayer. Marvellously diverting.