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One thing I love are the lights and the decorations. We need as many lights as possible to off set the gloom of midwinter. Some days its been getting dark about 2pm. These pics from Lovecrumbs. I love how they have gilded leaves and put them up. Sorry the pics are a bit rubbish.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "Now that you don't have to be perfect, you 
can be good," says a character in John Steinbeck's novel *East of Eden. I suggest that you make this your rallying cry in 2014, Virgo. In fact, why not begin right now, wherever you are? Say "Now that I don't have tobe perfect, I can be good." Free yourself of the pressure to be the polished, ultimate embodiment of everything you'd ever hoped you would be. That will allow you to relax into being more content with the intriguing creation you have already become. You may be surprised by how much mojo this affords you.

from Freewill Astrology


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Stop! I wanna get off!

I’m always amazed at my plans for the season… the ambition.

The first was to make up cards via Moo and I started uploading pics for postcard making before my London trip. Moo decided not to co-operate and I threw in the towel and decided to buy cards on my return.

I decided vintage style postcards of old xmas cards would be good. Then  I realised it would be an extra trip to another part of town to source the cards. I down graded my plans to local charity shops and picked up some packs.

I managed to sort out a goodly amount of presents on one trip back from my parents for lunch in Stockbridge – hurrah!. I sourced my wrapping paper from Poundland. My emporium of choice. I’ve made two batches of tablet. Recipe here. This is for all the other present giving. They are being wrapped in parchment paper and tied with gold ribbon and put into paper bags from Ikea. I’m keener on presents which are consumed rather than hang about. Or books which were bought from secondhand bookshops.

One essential picking up more gold stars to stick on Christmas card envelopes… not sure why but I think they are a  non negotiable.  I used to be snotty about Christmas cards only sending them after Christmas until one year I woke up and realised that I would be pretty peed off if I didn’t get any cards so revised my card sending attitude.

I took some tablet to friends locally today and  spent some time helping them look for cheesy pictures of Hollywood stars at Christmas for a facebook project. The best thing about this time of year is seeing people and reconnecting.





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