(If you are not from these parts dinnae bother reading on as it’s about local politics)

It kinds of sums up how I’ve been feeling the last month or so. Now if the apricot sofa has a particularly wrathful and grumpy demeanour all the better. I’ve only just noticed the particularly fine placement of the banana peel…

I’ve finally uploaded nearly a month of digital pics and I’m in a quandary – putting my social photography hat on I took quite a few of the paraphernalia of the Referendum. But I’m well scunnered with it all. The summer has been an endless painful one starting with an explosion of bile over the Gaza invasion which soon descended into the hell that was the referendum ‘debate’. This consisted of being digitally yelled at  90% of the time by the YES camp with the NO camp quietly retiring for the duration and hoping vainly that ‘it would soon all be over and back to normal’ what ever that is. Now it is over but the digital yelling continues. I’m so tempted to leave facebook (however thanks to friend S I’ve learned how to prevent seeing the posts of particularly troublesome people in my timeline). And in twitter I’m scanning the avatars of people I follow and promptly unfollowing people who have certain avatars. I’m enormously depressed about where we  are at as a feminist. My country is being delivered into the hands of a party which has absolutely no commitment to equality whatsoever and has taken a £1 Million donation from the most horrible loathsome prejudiced homophobic git. And we know what people get when they give political parties £1 million – they get their policies. I’m also utterly FURIOUS  that the Greens (who I particularly despise anyway for their support of the 1 Billion Tram ‘project’ ) are going to probably support the SNP into power and again enable them to chip away at our freedoms. The only thing I have left is to a) join the Labour Party  b) start an armed insurrection to get me instated as Supreme Leader and c) hide many more posts on facebook. If you have any other suggestions to deal with our current state of affairs to let me know. option d) includes starting an immigration fund.


Seriously last week I turned on my computer and there was a little noise then a … whine and silence. Total panic rising. I was about to teach a course for three weeks with all my notes from previous courses on that computer. I got another then started to search through emails luckily not on outlook to see if I could find errant files. Then my digital camera refused to turn on. Despite being a gift and very simple I’ve got used to it and it gave me serviceable results for a few years. I’ve ambled off to the pawn shop (hey i live in Leith!) and got another. The city is plastered with stuff to do with the referendum and I’d like to take a record of it. Meanwhile two pics from wordpress which I must have uploaded but not put into a blog. Southsider Bar and Brew Lab beside the Old College. I tried it out a few months ago but was waiting as I sat, for the Hip Police to arrive tap me on the shoulder and move me on. So I just got out the crochet and determinedly went on being uncool.




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