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513  8″ squares made by Granny Greens for Knit-A-Square in South Africa. This will make 15 blankets for AIDS orphans. I also made a small mini blanket for Greyfriars Bobby so he could stand in solidarity as a cainine orphan. It was gratifying to have lots of questions from passerby’s and know that our work was going to photoalbums in Japan and Italy amongst others. Better photos will be along soon. We managed to show that we’d made the height of Bobby and some more in squares but I was manhandling the crocheted ‘ananconda’ so unable to take photos at that point!


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Madam Defarge is  very concerned that  developments in her once fair city are going to destroy its character. So after a flurry of activity online petitions! emails to councillors (only ONE has replied note has been taken). The committee meeting room was packed – people were sitting on stairs, in isles,  I managed to nab a seat and ferociously crocheted through nearly three hours of submissions.  This HIDEOUS development passed 8-6 (one reason being it ‘wasn’t hideous enough’ to reject!)

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Since we were under the misapprehension that dogs were not allowed on the Metro – we walked from Bercy every day to the Jardin des plantes for the Batobus. This is where we found the orange chairs advertising some event. Mr T was a bit worried about watery travel the first time but seemed to  become more nonchelant as we went again.




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