I’m sorry about the lack of updates. My camera was finally found but its different from the last model and I’ve not worked up the energy to work out how to download pictures. I’ve been attempting a ‘still life’ this last week after much energy being expended. Sadly I’ve not made much progress but a blanket and a half have been completed. Again no photos due to rubbish weather for photographing crafts.


Belated report back on the dinner of the 24th of August. My crazy plan to hold soirees to get people together happened!  In the end there were nineteen of us. Most wonderful of all Jim Haynes came to bless this enterprise.  My uncle who worked on the Traverse in the early days came later. Another guest had met his life partner through one of Jim’s dinners – just showing how much one man can change the world. We ate Indian Curry, quaffed fizzy wine, and talked and made connections. Even if it was one guest making connections between South and North Edinburgh!


Btw my camera has given up the ghost so had to rely on guests for pics – thanks to David Cairns for stepping in at the last minute.

As I’m teaching most of September I’ve decided to skip  holding another one this month but next dates are 12th October and 16th of November email me  to book or more info fatblackcatindustries At









This really sweet mini garden around the post box in South Ockendon is a little bit of public spirited civic improvement by a local person which I snapped back in June.

Today I got a letter ! a proper hand written letter!. It was lovely to sit and read it over a coffee before went out to gather more supplies for the dinner tomorrow. Again I’m reminded that the ‘real’ the analogue and the made are so much better than then click of a mouse or a ‘like’.




Brilliant! I took this picture on Broughton St just before I went to Berlin. To be honest it just crystalized changes that have been percolating since before Christmas. Many things have moved and changed. I’ve put in more boundaries, I’m more focussed on making things happen for myself rather than bob along doing what others want me to do. I’ve just spent 3 days painting my kitchen – back-breaking work especially the ceiling. I’m slinging lots of things out towards the charity shop / bin. I’m so tired of holding onto things given to me by other people. Lets just put a moratorium  on stuff OF ALL KINDS unless it can be crocheted or consumed.  Lots of different and new projects in the pipeline. Updates soon…




Its celebrated in South Africa with the call to make things better. Some people commit to volunteering for 67 minutes (the length of years of public service Mandela gave). I shall continue to crochet squares for one of the 500 children who are orphaned by AIDS in Southern Africa every day. If you are a crafter and have some stash do think of doing one. Info here. All you need to do is make an 8 ” square crochet/knitted/loomed with a 18 inch tail to help sewing and post it out there. If you live in Edinburgh contact me I’m happy to post out squares. Above is a blanket sewn up with 30 or so squares I sent to SA in the last month.

P1060916 P1060917 P1060918 P1060919 P1060920 P1060922 P1060923 P1060924 P1060925 P1060926

As I arrived quite late on Wed evening it was getting dark as I walked to my pension so I didn’t take many photographs. I emerged super early to walk around before going to a work appointment at 9am. The brass plaques were pointed out to me in the evening as ‘stumbling stones’ an innovative private art project to document all the Jews who used to live in buildings in Berlin who were deported and killed.  As it was it turned out I was staying at a once predominately Jewish district.



Some years ago my mother descended up on my garden – probably directed me to weed and planted a daisy plant (‘because there was a space’). I’d taken up some of the paving slabs in my front yard hoping to expose more soil and plant more things and also have somewhere for the rainwater to sink into. The plant must have been small because I don’t even remember her planting it. Then one summer I saw this vast protuberance of dark leaves straight stems, and these frankly vulgar white blooms on top which STANK!  But I lived with them. For at least 5 years. Then I noticed that as I walked to hang up washing when wet they would droop across the path and snare me slapping me wetly on the legs. I found my secateurs and snipped at some offenders.   A  week or two back I had another go and sipped away at a third of it. Tonight since it was such a lovely evening I cut off ever last bloody stem of that ugly ugly plant. I’m off on wed so not sure that I’ll have time to tackle it’s probably vast root system before then.

‘because there was a space’ why why why… I talked for a friend this evening wrestling with sighing up for a one year long course.  We discussed that it was ok to have time without something fixed filling it. In the same way its fine to have some bare earth.. that space could have been filled by fox gloves… as it its I have a fine hedge of chickweed which is infinitely prettier and self seeded… why not leave the space? As I snipped I thought of all the times I rush to fill the space, facebook, twitter, media, socialising. Anything to fill the space.


Just be, just be.



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