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Last night went to see a film Let Us Prey at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It was its UK premiere. Its writtern by two friends of mine Fiona Watson and David Cairns. Its farily bloody but funny and set in a strange sort of Scottish wee toon. Very atmospheric and with a good strong female lead (yay!). I think I first met Fiona about 1995 in a screen writing group that met and kvetched at the Filmhouse. Its taken this long to get a film made from one of her scripts. I truly admire her for keeping going. Its  a long long tough road. If you are around on sat there is another screening.

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Big Brother Voice: Dayee 6 of the lurgy… I’ve essentially spent 6 days mostly in the barracks either throbbing (infected hand) stomach aching and worse due to the reaction to the antibiotics I’ve been put on. Most of the time I’ve been lying around feebly crocheting and knitting (Sanquhar experiment) watching Foyles War and doing MARATHON whingeing to friends.

The one thing that cheered me up enormously was watching this awesome piece of yarn bombing move though the digital sphere this week – finally even making it to old styleee analogue media like The Scotsman, Evening News and further afield. As a city this is just the latest in a serious of heinous scandals which have basically been allowed to go on. Since the yarn bomb a public enquiry has been announced. Time will tell if this is a public enquiry whitewash or not. But after 7 years of watching this tram crash unfold and mess up my home city I’m not exactly optimistic about the strength of our democratic institutions or the rule of law. It appears that an underground¬†craft group can do more to articulate the rage this city feels about this issue than normal party politics or even our local media.




I made this baby blanket a while ago – part of a mad idea to sell them online and realising no one would be prepared to pay for a 100% wool blanket and my time. I’ve unpicked the squares and made it into a single blanket size. Picture soon. Once the upscaled blanket has its border finished it will be sent to Knit-a-Square in South Africa to warm an orphan.



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