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I adore the knitted bikini and the wooly dogs… Teddies for Tragedies aims to give a bit of cheer to children in terrible situations Knit–a-square in South Africa supporting Aids orphans takes the ones my mother knits. The shops in South Queensferry make a big effort with their window displays during their summer fair. Lots of them have models of the Forth Road Bridge as it turns 50 years old this year.


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Despite going on a somewhat driech day to The House of the Art Lover with a Glasweigan and an Israeli – it was an inspiring visit. The house is not an original Mackintosh build but is based on drawings he made for an architecture competition. It has however been done very sympathetically with wonderful craft. It is a bit of a trek to get to but worth it. Entrance is £4.50. Opening times vary as they hold lots of events in the building so do check the website before going.


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So walking through St Germaine on my hols at New Year .. I passed  a shop with these scarves in the window. Sorry about the reflections it was the best I could do. And I got excited because I realised I’d seen a genuine Sophie Digard crocheted scarf in the wild – so to speak.



Its celebrated in South Africa with the call to make things better. Some people commit to volunteering for 67 minutes (the length of years of public service Mandela gave). I shall continue to crochet squares for one of the 500 children who are orphaned by AIDS in Southern Africa every day. If you are a crafter and have some stash do think of doing one. Info here. All you need to do is make an 8 ” square crochet/knitted/loomed with a 18 inch tail to help sewing and post it out there. If you live in Edinburgh contact me I’m happy to post out squares. Above is a blanket sewn up with 30 or so squares I sent to SA in the last month.


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