This is the middle.
Things have had time to get complicated,
messy, really. Nothing is simple anymore
This is the thick of things.
So much is crowded into the middle
too much to name, too much to think about.
- Billy Collins

Oh dear lord I’m in the middle of a craft project which I’m wait for it 5 MONTHS INTO nearly. Naturally I’ve not been on the case fulltime there have been diversions for making blankets for dog statues, babies, and 15 blankets worth of squares for orphans and a little light knitting for myself. But I now have a deadline and I’m that oh my god I’ll never get there stage. Which is a kind of sign I should NOT be online but return to my piles of crochet. I wish  I could show you what my kitchen looks like at the moment but alas WordPress has deemed that I have used too many images and will not load up new ones so I’m having to rely on old images from my store.



I’ve just been out to buy more yarn – the last few days I’ve been using up my stash, finding squirrelled away balls and even unravelling things to recrochet. But I could see I was coming to the dregs. Not that Its a yarn desert here yet but the project I’m working on can’t have wool yarn used in it so that is all set aside for ‘my orphans’.

One reason why I love crafting so much and I expect a lot of others do too is that it is the socially acceptable way a grown up can ‘play’. For me its playing with colours. The equivalent of a large packet of kokie (fibre tipped pens) to make patterns with. Instead I do it in squishy yarn.




Retiring to my metaphorical chaise longue. I’ve got a cold not a terrible cold but I ache and cough. I’ve got Radio4extra on and am slowly crocheting  through my acrylic yarn stash. Outside  it seems to have got colder or is it because I’ve just not moved physically in the last four hours? Nevermind smooth rhythmic movements of the hook  while my mind drifts to the radio and I give my body time to get well. As I don’t have a chaise long my bed will have to improvise.



I’m about 2/3rds into finishing a blanket for knit-a-square… I bought the wool in Cambridge (Sew Creative on Kings Parade has a very good sale on !) I’ve been crocheting away for a week – not the pic above – blog is being odd and refusing to upload new pics. Today I shambled out with my recycling went to get life essentials loo roll and milk and have spent the ENTIRE day with the hook and yarn. I’m making a blanket I’m calling African Sun. I was very busy over the weekend doing work preparing stuff for this week and socialising so a day of deep engagement with one thing has been bliss. Off to see Derek Jarman’s The Tempest and a bit of crafting later at Granny Greens. 



sketch by the Edinburgh Sketcher

After our adventures putting up Bobby’s blanket on Friday morning and displaying the square anaconda we were really gratified by the response to our event. We got coverage in blogs and even The Herald newspaper! However the last sighting of Bobby’s blanket was at 11pm on Friday by a Granny Greener who made a special detour to check on it. Now it may be warming the neck of a student or even a rugby fan who got a bit over enthusiastic over Friday night… but today there has been snow and hail in Edinburgh. Bobby looks distinctly cold. Please return his blanket. If you are too short to append it back around him, please pass to the staff at the Red Squirrel Bar on Lothian Road and we can pick it up when we next meet.

P1060376 P1060384 P1060378 P1060385 P1060382 P1060381 P1060380 P1060379 P1060377


513  8″ squares made by Granny Greens for Knit-A-Square in South Africa. This will make 15 blankets for AIDS orphans. I also made a small mini blanket for Greyfriars Bobby so he could stand in solidarity as a cainine orphan. It was gratifying to have lots of questions from passerby’s and know that our work was going to photoalbums in Japan and Italy amongst others. Better photos will be along soon. We managed to show that we’d made the height of Bobby and some more in squares but I was manhandling the crocheted ‘ananconda’ so unable to take photos at that point!


GreyfriarsBobby kid with blanket


On Friday I’m transporting 500 squares to the Grayfriars Bobby statue on George IV Bridge. This is the culmination of two and a half months of dedicated crocheting and knitting to make squares for Knit-a-Square a South African charity which works to warm some of the 1 900 000 orphans in South Africa and raise awareness of the issue. They ask the crafters of the world to send 8 inch squares where volunteers make them into blankets. Many of the orphans are HIV positive and as it is an auto immune disease keeping warm helps their ability to stay well

If you are in town at 11am do come to our photocall we’d love to see as many local knitters and crafters. Feel free to knit at Bobby’s paws.

P1060024 P1060027

I could imagine this strung across the window of Anthropolgie.. it is however 295  8″ squares knitted or crocheted for Knit-A-Square by my craft group Granny Greens. We’ve committed to 375 squares to make the height of Grayfriars Bobby statue. I think as Morag Deans squares are quite thick we’re probably at the right height. But keep the squares coming! Knit-A-Square makes the squares into blankets for Aids orphans – and the 375 would make nearly 12 blankets which would be great. As these children live mostly in shacks without insulation it’s incredibly cold in the South African winter and in the Highveld the temperatures can drop below freezing in winter.




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