Belated report back on the dinner of the 24th of August. My crazy plan to hold soirees to get people together happened!  In the end there were nineteen of us. Most wonderful of all Jim Haynes came to bless this enterprise.  My uncle who worked on the Traverse in the early days came later. Another guest had met his life partner through one of Jim’s dinners – just showing how much one man can change the world. We ate Indian Curry, quaffed fizzy wine, and talked and made connections. Even if it was one guest making connections between South and North Edinburgh!


Btw my camera has given up the ghost so had to rely on guests for pics – thanks to David Cairns for stepping in at the last minute.

As I’m teaching most of September I’ve decided to skip  holding another one this month but next dates are 12th October and 16th of November email me  to book or more info fatblackcatindustries At









This really sweet mini garden around the post box in South Ockendon is a little bit of public spirited civic improvement by a local person which I snapped back in June.

Today I got a letter ! a proper hand written letter!. It was lovely to sit and read it over a coffee before went out to gather more supplies for the dinner tomorrow. Again I’m reminded that the ‘real’ the analogue and the made are so much better than then click of a mouse or a ‘like’.




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