Brilliant! I took this picture on Broughton St just before I went to Berlin. To be honest it just crystalized changes that have been percolating since before Christmas. Many things have moved and changed. I’ve put in more boundaries, I’m more focussed on making things happen for myself rather than bob along doing what others want me to do. I’ve just spent 3 days painting my kitchen – back-breaking work especially the ceiling. I’m slinging lots of things out towards the charity shop / bin. I’m so tired of holding onto things given to me by other people. Lets just put a moratorium  on stuff OF ALL KINDS unless it can be crocheted or consumed.  Lots of different and new projects in the pipeline. Updates soon…


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As I arrived quite late on Wed evening it was getting dark as I walked to my pension so I didn’t take many photographs. I emerged super early to walk around before going to a work appointment at 9am. The brass plaques were pointed out to me in the evening as ‘stumbling stones’ an innovative private art project to document all the Jews who used to live in buildings in Berlin who were deported and killed.  As it was it turned out I was staying at a once predominately Jewish district.


I’m off for a few days to Berlin – It is a work trip so probably won’t see that much. The preparations seem to be particularly ardious this time around. That list of things that must be done. I’ve been tramping the streets in search of euros, travel insurance, summer cardi, extremely long circular needles to knit a shawl on…. Now am just trying to straighten the house before I go.




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