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This is a windowscape from Ard Bia a wonderful cafe near the Spanish Arch in Galway. They have delicious food. I went in one morning and had a coffee and gluten free brownie which was simply scrummy.

Wishing you analogue adventures this weekend. Have you Urbexed? My friend S and I have been breaking into ehrem ‘forbidden’ parts of our city and finding all sorts of delights in the urban landscape.

I’m about to make Apricot & chocolate Tart for a Cook Book Club I’ve just joined. First session is recipes out of Moro.

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I’m working backwards here. My DVD reader is going wonky so I can’t upload my film photos of Ireland taken on the holga. My early digital pics are downloaded onto friends computer and I’ve not got access to them so here are some from the end of my journey.

I spent my last night in Temple Bar going to the Irish Film Centre and having dinner in their cafe. Regretting that there appeared to be a photography festival on which I wouldn’t have time to explore.

The GPO is famous for being the centre of the 1917 Uprising. When I went to Dublin before I did go and use it and the main hall has lots of pictures relating to its piviotal part in the history of modern Ireland.

 About 10 years ago I made a documentary about my Great Aunt Mary (Fraser Dott). She was a founding member of the Scottish Nationalist Party and to my astonishment discovered that she along with other members of the SNP had gone to Ireland before WW2 and had a secret meeting with Irish Free State leader Eamon de Valera.

Article about the central mythologising role of the GPO in Ireland.

This is the General Post Office in Dublin – possibly one of the most famous post offices in the world? It played a decisive role in the 1916 uprising. Naturally on my last day in Ireland I had to visit even though it was already closed. It appeared to be a meeting point for noisy groups of French young persons. I posted a card to my friends in Galway and peered through the window and managed to get a shot of the interior.

While away I wrote thirty cards – yes thirty. Somewhat disappointed to come back and find no one has signed up to get some snail mail from me in the week I’ve been away. Tsk! I’ve got at least 75 cards begging for a home. If you hate finding a mat of junk mail do sign up.


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